Quadcopter – PCB

I’m almost done routing the controller PCB. For now, it is 2 inches square, but I may redo it after I finish this attempt. I typically re-rout simple boards like this in order to get the best layout possible. The first attempt will get me a working board, but I like to make my circuit boards as small as possible. I am going to order the boards using the DorkbotPDX PCB service. I love the purple color of the boards and the quality is superb. It also allows me to have tight 6 mil clearances.

I will also be putting the GPS directly on the control board, in order to reduce cost and clutter of having extra wires running to a breakout board. The GPS I will be using is this one from Adafruit. The MTK3339 chipset that it uses is sweet. It is low power, has built-in data-logging capabilities, and can output updates at 10Hz.

Quadcopter PCB Design

The new board layout - 2"x2"

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