tinyCopter Main Board Assembly

The title is pretty self-explanatory. I made a video of the main board getting assembled. The timelapse stops around the 2:40 mark and I explain some things.

Some pictures:

tinyCopter PCBs

tinyCopter Main PCB

5 thoughts on “tinyCopter Main Board Assembly

  1. Hey Qwerty, it’s Ethan/BudgetEngineer. Your build looks fantastic! How large is the finished quad going to be? Also, have you done much testing yet? I found my TPS61200 was interfering with my GPS, causing it to short-circuit and not work properly. I also haven’t made much progress with the MPU-6050 yet, still unable to get data out of it. Awesome to see your project!

    • Hey Budget! The finished thing is going to be roughly 11 inches square, made from aluminum U-channel. As for the testing, I haven’t got around to writing any code yet (waiting on a programmer to come in for the xmega), but the power supply checks out and it passes the smoke test ;). For the MPU, try taking a look at the i2cdevlib on github. There is a library and some example code, but it is for Arduino, so you will probably have to port it for your setup. I haven’t looked much, but I also know that the FreeIMU version 0.4 uses the MPU.

      I’m actually not planning on using a GPS right now, but I’ll let you know if I ever encounter any problems with interference.

      i2cdevlib: https://github.com/jrowberg/i2cdevlib
      FreeIMU: http://www.varesano.net/topic/freeimu

  2. I ported the i2cdev library semi-successfully, still working on it. I’m waiting for the mpu-9150 with the full 9-axis setup in one die before i go and get another rev C of the mpu-6050.

    Next i’m going to look into the FreeIMU code. Also, have you thought about using a Bluetooth setup for your radios? I originally chose the PIC32 for the USB hosting capability so i could use cheap USB dongles and code from the mbed project, but i that road isn’t looking too good right now. I’m trying to get a few Bluetooth LE modules to play with 😀

    mbed project: http://mbed.org/cookbook/USBBluetoothHost

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