Quickie Post

This isn’t going to be a full post, but I wanted to mention that my PCBs for my power supply came. I’ve got the OLED display working, and will get the other peripherals working shortly. There will be a full post in a couple day’s time.

The front and back of the power supply PCBs.

4 thoughts on “Quickie Post

  1. Hey,

    I like this project – I’m doing something quite similar at the moment myself. 😉

    I found two things about your schematic very interesing:

    1. The OLED Library
    2. The rotary encoders. Which ones are you using? ALPS or other vendor?

    Could you maybe post the two libraries on github? I am struggling my ass of to do those but as you already got them and they seem to be fine and accurate – why bother doing it again myself?


    konfu (also a follower of Dave) 😉

    • The modified OLED library is on GitHub here. Take note that it will only work with the 128×64 display using SPI, so it is limited, but is super fast. You will still need the Adafruit GFX library, which you can get from their GitHub page.

      The specific rotary encoders that I am using are part number EN11-VSM1AF20 from TT Electronics/BI Technologies. 20 pulses per revolution, detents, and internal switch.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Just found your project for the power supply and I think you are doing a great job. I’ve tried looking for the Rev C eagle files on your Github but have not been able to download them. Would it be possible for you to send the files to me. I am really interested it giving this board a go. Thanks, Nick

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