Some tinyCopter Pictures

I figured I’d take some pictures of tinyCopter so that you people can see what I’m actually building (these are on Flickr, so you could just add me as a contact there and see all of my cool pictures).

tinyCopter Frame

tinyCopter Main Board

Turnigy 1811

There. As you can see, the frame is made from aluminum u-channel. I am using Turnigy 1811 2000Kv motors because they were inexpensive, but I probably should have bought more powerful ones. By my estimates, these should hover tinyCopter at anywhere between 30 and 60 percent throttle. I recently (as in today) just bought some HobbyKing brand 6 amp ESC’s and a Turnigy 1300 mAh 2S battery. I’ve also built a 6 DOF IMU board just in case I can’t get the MPU-6050 working.