Hey everyone! Very long time, no posts! This will hopefully be the beginning of a revival of my blog, since I will probably have more time after finishing high school and starting college. Where am I going? Michigan Tech! Yes, that place in Michigan that’s pretty much as far as you can go before you hit Canada and where summer is about a week long. As you can probably guess, I’m studying electrical engineering. I really like it there and have met some great people that share my obsession for electronics.

Updates. The quadcopter is not done :/. It probably won’t get done either. I was quite close to getting it flying, but it would just sit on the ground and spin in circles. I built another(!) LED cube, this time with blue LEDs. I made a nice set of circuit boards for driving it, with the circuit still copied from the Instructable I followed for the first one.

LED Cube Control Boards
LED Cube Control Boards

Running the test program to verify everything is good.

LED Cube Testing

A (not very good) picture of the cube running the main program.

LED Cube

Well that’s all I have at the moment. I’m working on a big LED installation for our dorm room next semester. All I’ll say right now is it involves ethernet, a teensy 3.1, and 12 meters of Adafruit Neopixel LED strip.


Quickie Post

This isn’t going to be a full post, but I wanted to mention that my PCBs for my power supply came. I’ve got the OLED display working, and will get the other peripherals working shortly. There will be a full post in a couple day’s time.

The front and back of the power supply PCBs.

Some tinyCopter Pictures

I figured I’d take some pictures of tinyCopter so that you people can see what I’m actually building (these are on Flickr, so you could just add me as a contact there and see all of my cool pictures).

tinyCopter Frame

tinyCopter Main Board

Turnigy 1811

There. As you can see, the frame is made from aluminum u-channel. I am using Turnigy 1811 2000Kv motors because they were inexpensive, but I probably should have bought more powerful ones. By my estimates, these should hover tinyCopter at anywhere between 30 and 60 percent throttle. I recently (as in today) just bought some HobbyKing brand 6 amp ESC’s and a Turnigy 1300 mAh 2S battery. I’ve also built a 6 DOF IMU board just in case I can’t get the MPU-6050 working.