Hey everyone! Very long time, no posts! This will hopefully be the beginning of a revival of my blog, since I will probably have more time after finishing high school and starting college. Where am I going? Michigan Tech! Yes, that place in Michigan that’s pretty much as far as you can go before you hit Canada and where summer is about a week long. As you can probably guess, I’m studying electrical engineering. I really like it there and have met some great people that share my obsession for electronics.

Updates. The quadcopter is not done :/. It probably won’t get done either. I was quite close to getting it flying, but it would just sit on the ground and spin in circles. I built another(!) LED cube, this time with blue LEDs. I made a nice set of circuit boards for driving it, with the circuit still copied from the Instructable I followed for the first one.

LED Cube Control Boards
LED Cube Control Boards

Running the test program to verify everything is good.

LED Cube Testing

A (not very good) picture of the cube running the main program.

LED Cube

Well that’s all I have at the moment. I’m working on a big LED installation for our dorm room next semester. All I’ll say right now is it involves ethernet, a teensy 3.1, and 12 meters of Adafruit Neopixel LED strip.


New Website, New Projects

Well, this is new. Yes, this is a complete re-design and upgrade. My old site, which is hosted at, is still live, and will be for a while. It has become too…uh…bad. It is slow and messy, and the editor sucks. I also want to venture into the kit business. Let’s be honest, not even I would buy something from a site that looked like that. I’ve already got some ideas for kits, and am really looking forward to offering them for sale. Some of them will not be for beginners, as they deal with generous amounts of surface-mount soldering. Some of them will be more simple, and will be able to be enjoyed by both beginners and the seasoned hobbyists.

Thanks, and I look forward to what this site has to bring.

~nathan / qwertyboy~