Digital PSU

I am an avid viewer of Dave Jones’ videos on YouTube and really like his series of videos on power supply design. I actually decided to go along for the ride and make my own unit, because my current power supply died some time ago. I went with the revision B version of his design, but modified it a little to suit my needs. The first version that I built only does away with the USB jack, but the second version that I designed also gets rid of the µCurrent circuit and removes the push buttons from the board. My design is better suited to go inside of an enclosure with buttons already installed. The rotary encoders are mounted to the board, but one could easily run wires to a pair already mounted on a front panel.

Below are some pictures of the first version.

Power Supply

Power Supply

Power Supply

3 thoughts on “Digital PSU

  1. Hi Nathan,
    I don’t know if you still read the messages on this blog bt anyway here goes…sweet work with the pcb…Dave’s still putting more features on his – the last i heard he wanted to put some accelerometers and gyroscopes just to see it some touches it while he’s away and have the Wiznet Ethernet chip send him an email onto his smartphone…Dave’s a great guy – i love his blog…

    You said that the encoders are on the PCB – but i can’t spot them – anything wrong with my eyes or ???



    • I do still read messages, I just haven’t had anything really important happen since the last update on the quadcopter because of school. The pictures that you see are of the first design revision, and don’t have the encoders mounted on it. Nothing wrong with you eyes ;). The second revision I did added them and shrunk the board a bit. I actually just sent a new PCB out to get manufactured for my next revision, which is half the size since I switched to mostly SMD parts (0805’s, easy stuff to hand solder), so there will be more information when those arrive.

      • Sounds great, mine’s an SMD version too with one twist – no hand soldering – i’ll put the pics up soon.All the best with your undergrad studies in EE and boy must it be beautiful in sunny Michigan right now !!!

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